New Music In April 2018

March 31, 2018

I’ll be releasing 8 new songs throughout April 2018. 6 of them are brand new, written, recorded, and mixed in the last 4 weeks. I also took the chance to re-record a couple of older songs I wrote. Shoutout to Slate Digital for the sick analog compressor plugins used on all of these tracks.

I had some people over for a listening party and there weren’t too many complaints about the quality of the recording or the songs themselves so it’s time – let’s do this.

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“3 Peg Stool” comes out Monday April 2.

the Casa Loma hotel – SF

Despite not being able to look out the window uber-ing over the bay bridge because I’m just a weirdo nervous guy like that, I’m here, I made it, I’m set up at the Casa Loma hotel, the songs are G2G. Time to track the tunes for a new Free Until Midnight album.

Hot tip:

If you have adult claustrophobic anxiety because your brothers trapped you in blankets as a kid, play Tetris on your phone when you feel weird. Your mind pre-occupies itself with making so many consecutive rapid-fire decisions, it will distract you from your inability to escape a car on the highway or an airplane.


Cameron Ford