A creator of music and comedy


Cameron Ford has a Masters of Music in Songwriting from Bath Spa University, a Recording Arts BA from CSU Chico, and a comedy writing certificate from Second City Chicago.

Cameron first began writing music in high school with his 3 piece rock band “Panacea”.  At CSU Chico, he formed “The Secret Stolen” and began writing technical guitar parts and singing structurally ambitious hard-rock.  After releasing three albums and touring the west coast, Cameron was admitted to a songwriting program at Bath Spa University in England where he wrote and produced “Chico: The Musical” as part of the 2011 Corsham Fringe Festival.  After completing his masters degree, he moved to Chicago where he wrote and produced several plays and contributed as music director to Second City, Annoyance, and iO comedy theaters.  From 2013-2016, Cameron could be seen hosting and headlining independent comedy shows all over Chicago performing song parodies and musical skits on piano and guitar.  In 2016, Second City Theatricals hired Cameron as their music director on board the Norwegian Gem cruise ship docking in New York City.

After interning at WNYC/WFMU radio stations and contributing as music director for the People’s Improv Theater in NYC, Cameron moved to California and spent 9 days recording a double EP (“The Soft One/The Loud One”) at the Casa Loma Hotel in San Francisco.  The Soft One/The Loud One” is a collection of acoustic and electronic pop that could be compared to Beck, Jack White, Nine Inch Nails, and Ryan Adams.  Armed with a Roland SP404sx sampler and his brother on electric bass, Cameron chose to call the project “Free Until Midnight” and toured the Pacific Northwest in September 2018 playing shows in California, Oregon, and Washington where fans enjoyed their multimedia presentation of the songs.

“The Soft One”, a collection of acoustic songs, is set to be released via most digital platforms on Friday November 2, 2018 supported by the early release of the single “Friend Like Me At Zero Degrees”, a melancholy cover of the classic hot-jazz hit from Disney’s Aladdin made popular by the late-great Robin William.

“The Loud One”, a collection of loud electronic bangers, is set to be released via most digital platforms on Friday November 16, 2018 supported by the early release of the single “3 Peg Stool”.